Throughout the last 15 years, I have been working with incredible managers: business founders, software engineers, graphic designers and marketers. These relationships have enriched my career exponentially.

I landed my first full-time web design job with CitiPrice, a company which provided solutions for online retail stores, through one of the most popular ecommerce SaaS company at the time, Yahoo Small Business. Yahoo Store back in 2000 is parallel to Shopify today. I helped clients with their web site templates, designed logos and interfaces as well as managed SEO, email marketing campaigns and PPC campaigns. Soon enough, I began to understand that the success of an online business was not only about a good looking web site, but about web usability, functionality, online marketing and ultimately business strategy and creativity.

With my extensive experience working with online retail sites, I advanced as an Ecommerce Manager at the Vitamin Shoppe’s ( corporate headquarters. I brought significant value to the company’s email and affiliate marketing campaigns, as well as assisted them with synchronizing their SEO and PPC campaigns. After two years at Vitamin Shoppe, I was presented with the prospect to relocate to New Delhi, India to manage the development of an ecommerce application for ( and simultaneously start my own web production outsourcing services company name Living in India not only gave me the opportunity to learn about the IT offshore outsourcing market, but also it was a very enriching cultural experience. After two years of living in India, I decided to come back to New York City where I joined Morrell & Company Wine and Spirits ( as Ecommerce Manager. I really enjoyed working at Morrell and the beverage industry where I spent two plus years developing my wine palette 🙂 and helping Peter Morrell, CEO and President of the Morrell Group grow revenue online.

I was offered a job by a marketing agency, Vincent Partners group of companies, to work in web production and product management for two of their properties. I helped  Simply Predict( with email marketing automation and email templating. In addition, I also helped one of their latest ventures, Simply Engage ( with product management.  After working for three years with Vincent Partners, I joined Social Media Link( as Director of Technology and Web Production to help them migrate and expand their Social Media Influencer platform. Social Media Link helps companies such as Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, Bayer, Random House, Staples, BIC, Pfizer, Merck, and ConAgra to name a few, amplify social media advocacy and activate impactful reviews and recommendations across social media channels. I left Social Media Link in 2013 and joined Ricky’s NYC ( and spent two years managing and growing the online store, expanding hardware and software infrastructure, as well as executing online marketing across SEO, SEM, Email and Social.

Currently, I am helping various clients with Magento and Wordpress development as well as online marketing. Love to learn about your business and the opportunities you want to go after!

Thanks for reading my bio and do not forget to drop me a line.